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Credit cards are gone! good riddance!

February 12th, 2009 at 07:09 am

with our tax return we were able to pay off all of the rest of our credit card debit, and $230 of the hospital off yay!!
now all i have to pay off is my 1200 in dell (hope fully that will just take a month, but me and hubby are both having dental surgery this month so maybe not)and we are done! (besides the rest of the hospital, but i am not going to think about that right now because it will take me off of my high!)Just wanted to let out a big YYYIIIPPEEE!!

good news!!

October 12th, 2008 at 09:34 am

ok I know i haven't been on here much lately, but i just wanted to update my status. 8-1 i had $4000 in credit card debt and 1500 in dell computer payment plan, and about 2000 in hospital bills. as of today i have 1700 in credit card debit, 1300 with dell, and 1800 in hospital debt. so that is a total of 2700 paid off in 3 months. YAY!! I am getting closer to my goal everyday. thanks for everyones support!!


September 1st, 2008 at 08:53 am

i am so amazed at how fast things are going now that i am hammering down. $ 1000 in savings and $400 off of debt in a month! and this month i had school shopping to do too! definitley feels soo good!! i could have been done so long ago if i had just paid attention to where all my money was going! atleast i figured it out now,so i can get my finances in order!

Good News And Really Bad News uuggh

August 16th, 2008 at 05:10 am

Ok so I have so good news and some majorly depressing news. Iíll start with the good news. I paid walmart off today YAY!!! One less credit card! Now potentially upsetting news. Got the quote for my teeth today. Keep in mind this is just MY teeth, still have to get the quote on my husband and daughters too. The estimated total for fillings will be $3080!! Yes that is 28 teeth filled at $110 each! That doesnít count the one tooth they are having to refer me to the oral surgeon for because my last stupid dentist broke a file off in the root while doing a root canal, and now it needs to be pulled, so no telling how much that will cost!! This is so crazy, how do you have a cavity in every tooth in your mouth? Well, I guess I do know, so many years of drinking mountain dew and pepsi like crazy. Plus I am 20 now and that was the first time I had seen a dentist since I was 14. this is definitely going to push back my house plans a little, but I am just glad I went now, so I can get this crap over with while I am already working over time. Ok that was my grouchy vent for the day, every body have a great Saturday!!

House update!

August 13th, 2008 at 05:12 am

So I have some good news I just have to share. My father in law has a piece of land that my and my dh were originally going to use, but we have got another piece now, anyway so this other piece is just sitting there now, and he has decided to sell it. And he is going to put our septic tank in and put our down payment down with a portion of the money. YAY!! And the land is worth a ton so I know it is not even going to put a dent in the profit he is making. We were going to be sitting on the floor with no furniture for awhile, so now we will be able to go into our house with a little bit of furniture and some fall back money. Just one more big YAY!!!!

another spluge..sigh

August 8th, 2008 at 05:15 am

my mom had to have a heart catheter wed., and that night I needed to either cook for her and my lil sis, or pick them up something. Well, I was being good, and on my way home to cook my family dinner, and bring them some too, when my little sister called me and said that my mom was bleeding where the catheter went in. well, if any of you have ever known any one to have one done, you know how dangerous it is for them to be bleeding, so I had to rush back and back off to the hospital. So that nights dinner ended up in the hospital cafeteria. They got the bleeding stopped and we were home at like 1:00am. Then last night, I am getting ready to leave work(at 4:30) and my boss comes up and starts talking. Well I cant blow him off. Then HIS boss comes up and starts talking. What it turns into is a 1:45 long heated discussion about inventory reduction. So by the time I get out of there it is 6:15. I stop by my moms to get her prescription I need to fill, and I can tell that they are starved ( my mom is still not allowed up, and my sister, well you donít want her cooking) so I feel bad for making them wait so long. So when I fill my moms prescription, I grab them a $5 lil ceasers pizza. And I grabbed us one too! so now I feel guilty but, circumstances where not normal so I am going to forgive myself.

iras, money markets no idea

August 8th, 2008 at 04:59 am

Yesterday I made my first splurge of the week, and it is so humorous to me what it is. I blew $4 dollars, on a money magazine. My husband looked and asked me what the heck I had bought that for, and I told him I want to understand more about iraís, roths and money markets or whatever the heck they are called ( I know NOTHING about any of these), everything, plus I heard the magazine had good tips for saving money. But it still seemed kind of funny that I would splurge on it. I really like it though, I honestly have no Idea what over half of it means, but maybe if I read It enough I will figure it out.

median mortgage?

August 8th, 2008 at 04:57 am

Does any body know of a site where you can see every towns median mortgages? I live in NC
and I saw some where the median mortgage for the state was like 2000 or something like that and I just donít know if I believe that or not. Most people I know is under 1000. mine and my husbands is going to be around $650 with taxes and isurance and everything. And thatís for 2000 sq. feet. Well thatís pretty big where I live, but most of you are in like California so I guess you all are use to a lot bigger houses. The average house in my town I would say is about 1200 sq. when we said we were going to build a 2000 sq ft one every body was like ď your electricity will be sky highĒ ď why do you need four bedrooms?Ē I went on lending tree.com and did the affordability calculator-huh it said I could afford a 1600 dollar mortgage! Yea if I didnít save a penny and sat in my house all of the time!


August 5th, 2008 at 08:31 am

Gosh, I am already on here like crazy! But talking to my hubby about money is like talking to a brick wall!! The only way I really get him to agree to do this is to tell him once we get our bills paid off, house set up, emergency fund, and start building on our 401k, he can start building on his car. He has got a 97í mustang Gt that he loves more than life itself! Me personally, it is sentimental, cause its what we had our first date in and such , but itís a v8, gas guzzler, that I would delight in seeing roll down a cliff (without hubby in it of course he he) but it is paid off that is the only good thing I can say about it. Last month was hubbys birthday, and before we were even married he had bought this special performance gear to put in his car, and he said that is what he wanted for his b-day, for me to get it put in for him. It wasnít too much so I agreed. two days after hubby dropped off at the shop my father in-law looks at me and saysĒ you know that carís gonna be twice as bad on gas milage now!Ē no. i. did. Not. Thanks for the warning now, pops. I guess thatís what I get for marrying a young guyÖa.uh..IMMATURE HUSBAND!! Oh well. Heíll grow up one day. maybe am i the only one who thinks about money? geesh!

school shopping

August 5th, 2008 at 07:17 am

so i have always helped my mom out with her bills and buying my little sister school clothes, pictures, supplies, ect. she is disabled and a single mom and dosent get any child support so she cant hardly make it. so i take my sister shopping this weekend for her school clothes. she is 12 this year, last year she wore the little girls sizes and we spent about $250 for her clothes. well she shot up like 3 inches and filled out so it was off to the juniors sizes this year and i was so shocked at how much more we had to spend! for the same amount of clothes it was about $400-$450! we shopped at aeropostale mostly for shirts, because you can get them for cheaper than walmart, then walmart and target for pants. it didnt really hurt my budget though, because i had worked enough overtime to cover the school expenses without cutting into our bill money, but it was still such a shocker!!!

set back

August 5th, 2008 at 05:23 am

why does it always seem that when you are getting ahead something happens? I was going to put $650+ from my next pay check towards credit card debit and now me my husband and my daughter need teeth work done!grr! me and my husbands is nothing new, but it's like my daughters just happened over night, and i want to get her to the dentist before they get worse. and i need like 10 fillings, one of my teeth is about to break off, and another one needs to be pulled from a bad root canal from a long time ago, also i think my for wisdom teeth will have to be pulled, with my insurance, that is going to be a whole crap load! then my husband needs about as many fillings as i do. we didnt have dental insurance for along time, and it seems like now all of our teeth problems are coming to a head. oh well, i will take the baby first, then hubby, cause he whines more, then me i guess,very frustrating, but its got to be done! insurance charges 100 per filling and 110 per one they pull, ugh dont even want to add that up right now, too depressing


August 4th, 2008 at 10:13 am

Ok so here is my plan. So I know a lot of you consider a car payment bad debt. I donít. I consider it an everyday life payment. I realize that between me and my husband we will have one most of the time for the rest of our lives. Sure we can make bigger payments and pay mine off earlier, but then something is probably going to happen to my husbands car, and we will have to buy him one. Itís not like credit card debit where you spend it and later have no idea what you bought with it, itís something you have to have, and I never feel bad about making that payment. Any way, when you see me going through paying off my debts through here, you wont see me worried about my car, I bought it brand new in may, have low $300 a month payments, I do plan to pay it off early, I just want to buy a house before I worry about that. Oh and incase anyone is wondering, my husbands car is already payed off, so no worries there. So here is my plan below. Tell me what you think!
( I am getting the extra money for this by working over time, I am also being more frugal so I will probably do this faster but I wanted to be able to lay out a plan so this is just with my over time money)

Septic: 2500
Down payment: 5000
Lines: 1000
Permits: 1000

20 hrs over time per paycheck a piece
20 hrs @ 21.60 = 432
20 hrs @ 19.05 = 381
Total 813 - %20 for taxes = 650.04 per pay check(bi weekly)

Credit card pay off

Aug 15:650.40 pay off $500 capital one and $150walmart

Aug 29: 650.40 Pay off $500 kís capital one save 150.40 for next pay day

Sep 12: 800.80 Pay off $500 Pay Pal Save 300.80

Sep 26: 951.20 Pay off $750 Household bank save 201.20

Oct 10: 851.60 Pay off $ 750 babies r us


Oct 24: 650.40
Nov 7: 1300.80
Nov 21: 1951.20
Dec 5: 2601.60
Dec 19: 3252.00
Jan 2: 3902.40 septic and permits!!

Starting savings over for house down payment

Jan 16: 650.40
Jan 30: 1300.80
Feb 13: 1951.20
Feb 27: 2601.60
Mar 13: 3252
Mar 27: 3902.40
Apr 10: 4552.80
Apr 24: 5203.20 house!!!
May 8: 5853.60
May 22: 6504 house!!! And lines!!!


August 4th, 2008 at 09:46 am

Hi every body! I am very new to this blogging stuff, donít really know what to do, but I guess I will figure it out. I guess I will tell you about myself. I am 20 years old, me and my husband (22) have been married 2 and a half years, and we have a one year old beautiful daughter. We live in north Carolina, hick town usa and all that,lol. We are really wanting to buy a house and get on track to have a stable home for our daughter. My husband always lived in the same house growing up, and he loved it, but I moved around a lot, 60 places at last count, and I donít wonít that for my daughter. I want her to have the same house, with all her memories from growing up in it. Wherever she goes when she grows up she knows she can always come back home to her room, the same way it was when she left it. So every body wish me luck in my journey to being debt free, and buying a house!